What is Business Process Re-engineering?

It is common for a businesses’ processes to become burdensome or outdated. As projects become more complex, organizations must remain flexible and improve internal practices to create a competitive advantage and minimize risk. “Best in Class” business processes are required to get work, do work and keep score.

Our Approach

Maxim Consulting Group’s approach is to investigate the business to identify the area’s most in need of improvement and provide streamlined, cost effective, best in class solutions for resolving the specific challenges identified. The process helps organizational leaders identify and confront the operational and strategic issues that face the business from a holistic perspective.

Maxim customizes the following multi-step approach to meet individual client needs:

  • Step I: Assessment of current practices
  • Step II: Identification of problem areas
  • Step III: Re-engineering of process
  • Step IV: Metric development
  • Step V: Employee training sessions
  • Step VI: Reintroduction into work flow

The Business Process Re-Engineering improvement and implementation process diagramed above has been proven successful with a variety of firms. The engagement of affected parties to voice their opinions and concerns ensures that all interested parties have input and ultimate buy-in to the solutions that are arrived upon.

Want to learn more?
Maxim Consulting Group welcomes the opportunity to assist you with Business Process Re-Engineering. To learn more about the impact we can make in your company, please contact Michael McLin or call 303-688-0503.

Click here for a downloadable copy of our approach to Business Process Re-engineering.

Typical Business Processes

  • Pre-Job Planning
  • Short-Interval Planning
  • Daily Production Plans
  • Productivity Tracking
  • Cost Projections & WIPs
  • Lessons Learned
  • Change Control
  • Estimating
  • Contract Administration


Maxim Consulting Group has helped hundreds of firms become more consistent, predictable and scalable.